Hometown: Fountain City, Indiana Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, showing cattle, bonfires, and watching Hallmark movies! Fun Fact: I am a mom of a beautiful little girl! I grew up on a dairy farm and am lactose intolerant! What is your favorite thing to do with your pets? If it counts, cow hugs are the best! I…

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Start Date: September 2022 Hometown: Selma, IN Hobbies: I love reading and coloring Fun Fact: I am a Harry Potter and Marvel nerd! What is your favorite thing to do with your pets? Watching Harry Potter and Disney movies with my cat!

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Amy B


Start Date: October 2021Hometown: Bartlett, IllinoisEducation: Undergraduate from Ball State University in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. I am currently still at Ball State getting my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology.Hobbies: I like spending time with friends and binge watching shows in my free time.Fun Fact: I played badminton in high school and Irish danced for 13 yearsWhat…

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Start Date: May 2021Hometown: New Castle, INEducation: Currently in grad school for Speech-Language Pathology at Ball State Univesity.Hobbies: Watching anything true crime related.Fun Fact: I have been to Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, and GermanyWhat is your favorite thing to do with your pets? Have cute ice cream dates!

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Start Date: June 2021Hometown: Sullivan, INEducation: Sullivan High SchoolHobbies: Spending time with my family, riding my Ryker, and taking my dogs for walks and rides.Fun Fact: I have 8 tattoosWhat is your favorite animal and why? Giraffes! They are so cool!

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