Image49The Importance of Preventative Care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
—Benjamin Franklin

At Care Animal Hospital, we truly believe these words. We know that by diagnosing a problem early we can often save the pet pain and suffering as well as reduce long term treatment expenses later. Our wellness care is focused on preventing disease and detecting changes early.

Our Approach
• Twice yearly physical exams to note changes in health status.
• Twice yearly examination of stool for parasites.
• Yearly laboratory blood work to spot trends and changes in organ function.
• Necessary vaccinations kept up to date – based on lifestyle and risk.
• Yearly heartworm testing for all dogs.
• Year round heartworm and flea prevention program for all pets.

Wellness Plans
The creation of our wellness plans are a result of our strong desire to prevent tomorrow’s problems today, while keeping your family’s budget healthy as well. Preventative healthcare for our pets is essential to their longevity, yet we understand that pet owners may worry about how to pay for it. Our doctors and staff have created three plans to help you budget for your pet’s preventative healthcare needs over the course of the year. Please note that our wellness plans are not, and should not be considered, pet insurance. We still strongly recommend for all pets to have pet insurance, such as Trupanion. In fact, when you pair one of our wellness plans along with pet insurance, your wallet should be protected from taking a big hit at one time when it comes to pet healthcare.