Image37Pet Grooming Services by Groomer Jamie Gossett
With more than 25 years experience, we are pleased to have the highly reputable Jamie Gossett as our groomer at Care Animal Hospital. She grooms all breeds of dogs and cats and does many different types of quality pet cuts. If needed, sedation is available to make your pet more comfortable. Gentle care is used for all. Services include:

• Nail trims
• Ear cleaning
• Hair cuts
• Bathing

Special shampoos are available for pets with skin problems. Jamie also uses the FURminator to de-shed the undercoat on both long- and short-haired pets if requested. This treatment is useful to prevent hairballs in cats and to lessen shedding in dogs.

Every pet that comes to us for boarding or grooming will be examined by a veterinary assistant to screen for any health problems that should be brought to the attention of a veterinarian. You may drop off your pet with us in the morning and pick him or her up at the end of the day. Remember, if you need transportation for your pet to or from a grooming appointment, you can call and arrange for the Caremobile in advance.