Pet boarding in Muncie, IN


Cat and Dog Boarding in Muncie, IN

Spending time away from a beloved pet is hard. You want to feel secure knowing that not only are their most basic needs being met, but that they are being treated like the family they are.

Here in Muncie, we’re dedicated to making dogs and cats feel safe and loved in their home away from home. Every pet has a daily routine and a team of compassionate staff available seven days a week to keep them happy and healthy for the duration of their visit.

How We Accommodate Your Pet

Your pet’s health and comfort are our priority while they’re staying with us.
Features of our pet boarding service include:

  • Dogs and cats have separate boarding areas for a less stressful environment
  • We offer spacious indoor and outdoor runs for dogs
  • Our facility provides all food, bedding, and fresh water when needed, though you can bring your pet’s food from home if they are on a prescription diet
  • Dogs are walked twice a day (we can provide extra walks for your dog if they require it)
  • Cats can enjoy supervised playtime
  • If your pet takes medication, our staff can administer it according to your instructions

Need to Be Away for More Than a Week?

Care Animal Hospital can provide both short-term and long-term boarding services for your convenience. You cannot always control how long you’ll be away from home—just let us know in advance how long you’ll need to board your pet so we can ensure a place for them.

What Does My Pet Need Before Boarding?

It is extremely important for us to keep our hospital and boarding areas as safe as possible for all, especially our boarding guests. Before boarding your pet, make sure they are up-to-date on the following vaccinations:

Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Influenza, and Bordetella

Cats: Rabies and FVRCP

Contact Care Animal Hospital

Be sure to review your pet’s medical history to see if they are due for their vaccinations, and contact us at (765) 284-3000 if your pet needs to be brought up-to-date!

Pet boarding and accommodation in Muncie, IN.