_Photography-Care_Animal_Hospital_IN_(311_of_483)Every pet deserves the best quality individualized veterinary care available. At Care Animal Hospital, we want to keep your family pet healthy. Twice-a-year wellness examinations help us to compile a thorough history, including up-to-date blood test results. This gives us a baseline to measure any changes in your pet’s health.

Before your pet’s wellness visit, we ask you to complete the Patient Lifestyle Form and bring it to the appointment. This will give us information about:

• Where you live
• Your pet’s diet
• Environment
• What your pet likes to do
• If your pet goes outside
• Exercise habits

We’ll also ask you if there have been any changes in your pet’s habits. For example, is he or she drinking more water or having difficulties doing any of the usual activities like jumping or playing?

The Care Animal Hospital Approach to Pet Health
During each bi-annual exam, in addition to a complete, hands-on nose to tail check, we will take the time to examine and discuss the following with you:

• Weight, diet, and nutrition
• Vaccines and boosters
• Heart, skin, ears, lungs, and eyes
• Heartworm medication
• Parasite screening
• Behavior issues or changes
• Mouth and your pet’s teeth

We carefully record your pet’s condition. Pets age faster than we do, and small changes can make a big difference in the quality and length of your pet’s life.

Because your pet’s diet contains the components to help build a healthy body, we encourage you to feed your pet only high quality food. From playful puppy and kitten days through the senior years, the best food has an important part to play. Our veterinarians will recommend the right diet and exercise for your pet’s good health and better behavior, too.