In-Home Veterinarian vs. Standard Veterinarian

in home veterinarian vs standard veterinarianDo you need help finding the right veterinarian for your pet? If you own a pet but have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find time to take your furry friend to a veterinary office for checkups and treatments. If this has been an ongoing dilemma for you, there is an alternative that may help—in-home veterinary care.

An in-home veterinarian can treat your pet in the comfort of your home. Although in-home care may turn out to be the ideal solution for you and your pet, it is best to compare in-home treatment to standard veterinary services before you make a decision.

How does a in-home veterinarian differ from standard vet?

The main difference between an in-home veterinarian and a standard veterinarian is the location where the vet performs the services. An in-home vet simply treats your pet at home, so there is no need to transport the animal to a veterinary office.

Two Types of In-home Vets

An in-home vet can be a member of the clinical staff at an animal hospital or practice, or the veterinarian can work on his or her own.

  • Clinic or Hospital-staffed In-home Vets: An in-home vet who works for an organization can offer many services, such as regular checkups, de-worming, flea and tick control, and vaccinations. However, just as there are multiple providers who may care for your pet in a clinical environment, there may be several different in-home vets who may provide treatment for your beloved pet.
  • Solo-practice In-home Vets: An in-home veterinarian who works alone may be the only vet who provides your in-home services, but this can be restrictive since availability and scheduling may be based on a single provider. Solo in-home vets often work from a specialized mobile unit, but like on-staff in-home vets, may have to travel to an animal hospital for services that are best provided in a clinical setting.

Why choose an in-home vet?

There are multiple instances in which in-home care is a great choice when compared to transporting your pet to a clinic for treatment. Here are a few of them:

  • Your pet becomes stressed or ill when transported in a vehicle.
  • You have a large number of pets, making transporting the animals difficult and inconvenient.
  • You feel that your pet is too sick to travel.
  • You would prefer in-home euthanasia so that your pet passes away in the most loving setting.
  • Your pet is aggressive or frightened when exposed to other animals.
  • You work from home or your schedule is too busy to accommodate a visit to the veterinary office.

Is in-home care more expensive?

Having your pet treated at home can be a bit more expensive than in-clinic care. However, the services from veterinarians who offer house calls are often quite affordable. Even if the cost is slightly higher, the convenience afforded by in-home care will likely outweigh any added expense.


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