Why Grooming Your Pet Is Important

Why-Grooming-Your-Pet-Is-Important-Care-Animal-HospitalIf you think that regular grooming of your pet is just about keeping them pretty; maintaining the pets` level of cleanliness or keeping the good-looking, you`re wrong. Grooming is about maintaining your pet’s physical health as well as their appearance. Pet`s unlike human beings, are not aware of what is detrimental to their health and can pick up on anything or walk on anything during their outdoor endeavors. Therefore, it`s important for you to take care of your pet before any major problems arise.

Here are reasons why it`s important to groom your pet.

Remove Dirt and Dead Skins

Brushing has quite been misconstrued as the only part of the grooming process. However, it still plays a vital role in the pet grooming process. Regular pet brushing helps in the removal of external dirt, dead hair, dead skin cells, and dandruff. One of the key importance of brushing is the stimulation of the natural oils in your pet’s fur, which is then naturally spread across the entire coat, leaving your pet with a glossy, and healthy screen.

In addition to the spread of oils, brushing helps the owner to get up close to the pet and identify some of the potential health issues such as injuries, swellings and abnormalities.

Avoid Nail Complications

While most of the active pets have a natural way or wearing down their nails and may not require trimming, most of the indoor pets often have a problem with overgrown claws. Overgrown claws are often associated with painful conditions and can also cause accidents to you, your furniture or other pets. Dewclaws on the inner paws of dogs and cats can grow into toe pads, which can lead to painful infection. While trimming ensure that you do not cut the nails that contain the blood vessels; if it intimidates you, you can visit a reliable pet groomer.

Avoid Dental Issues

Tooth brushing a cat or a dog might seem a daunting and unlikely grooming experience. Just like human beings, pets also suffer from periodontal infections and bad mouth breath. In fact, periodontal infections have become recognized as widespread health issues for pets worldwide. You can consult your local pet vet on how to introduce your pet to the new grooming experience, and suggest some of the ideal tooth brushes and tooth pastes for your pet.

Avoid Matting of Hair

Matting of the hair can be extremely painful to the furred friends. Severe fur matting can also restrict the flow of blood, and can restrict body movements resulting to temporary deformity. A pet with matted hair feels a lot of pain when its hair is pulled or patted gently since the hair is entangled to the skin.

Avoid Intestinal Conditions

The pet fur is probably the biggest culprit of the different discomforts and infections in a pet. As simple as it looks, bathing your pet, helps in preventing many of the intestinal conditions regarding the excessive fur. Severe hairballs can result into the intestinal blockage. Bathing cuts down the hairballs, which cats vomit or discard in the litter box.

Control Shedding

While you cannot have a complete control of the shedding process, using the right shampoo, and cleaning tools can help in reducing the level of skin and fur shedding in pets.

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