How To Take Care Of Your First Kitten Friend

how to take care of your first kitten friendEverybody has been around a cat and a kitten at some point, and perhaps you’ve even lived with one as a child or with a roommate. However, having your own pet isn’t the same as enjoying a pet your parents or roommate took ultimate responsibility for.

If you’ve decided to adopt a kitten, you’ll have lots of fun with them for years to come. There are a few considerations about bringing them home and making them feel comfortable as you two get to know each other and become great friends.

How To Take Care Of Your Kitten

Preparing To Bring Your Kitten Home

Although it may seem counter intuitive, if your situation allows for it you may want to consider adopting two kittens. Rather than being twice the responsibility, it’s only half as much because they will entertain each other. Two kittens is an especially good idea if you have to leave them alone for extended periods while you go to work, as it will prevent loneliness and boredom.

You’ll need a crate to bring one or both kittens home. A good idea is to line the crate with a small blanket or soft towel for their comfort and to introduce them to the smell of your house. You’ll want to help their comfort with a couple of kitty treats and a small water bowl. Make sure the crate is secure in the back seat and drive carefully!

Welcoming Your Kitten To Your Home

When you get home, you’ll want to have a litter box and food and water dishes ready. If you bring home two kittens, they each need their own dishes until you find out whether they’re willing to share. Don’t force them out of the crate; some kittens are going to come out ready to explore and play while others are more reserved and want to examine the room from the safety of the crate first.

If you have family or roommates, everybody who lives in the house needs to be there to meet the kittens. As excited as everybody is to meet your new friend, try not to overwhelm her with too much activity. Let her set the pace for how much they want to play, explore the room, or hide to become comfortable with their new surroundings.

Although rules should have already been established, it’s a good time to discuss who feeds the kitten and when to avoid double feeding as well as what rooms they are allowed in.

Finding A Vet

Depending on where you adopted the kitten, you likely already have a vet appointment scheduled. You’ll probably want to visit a few other veterinarian offices as well to discuss rates, evaluate the cleanliness of their offices, and determine which vet you feel comfortable with.

Recommendations from friends and neighbors can be a good way to to find a few vets to evaluate, but just because your friend likes a vet doesn’t mean they’re the person for you to work with, so trust your instinct and choose a vet you like.

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