Caremobile: Mobile Vet in Muncie

Sometimes it may not be possible for you to transport your pet to Care Animal Hospital. Whether your pet needs an appointment for grooming, vaccinations, or a wellness exam, we are happy to come to you and pick up your pet for a nominal fee. The pet-friendly Caremobile has a flat, open area in back and can also be equipped with crates of various sizes to accommodate any size cat or dog—so you can be sure that your pet is transported safely!

Although the Caremobile is not an emergency vehicle, if you don’t have the time or cannot drive your pet to us, it can be a very convenient solution for getting your pet here or having him or her delivered to your door. And remember, when your pet needs grooming, you can put your “stinky” dog in our car and pick up your sweet smelling one later! Call 765-284-3000 today to make a reservation.

The Caremobile can be used for any of the following services:

  • Pet pick-up
  • Pet drop-off
  • Food delivery
  • Medication delivery
  • Transportation to veterinary specialists