How To Care For Your Elderly Pets

how to care for your elderly petsElderly pets are a wonderful thing, if you are lucky enough to have a pet well into their old age, you should know a few tips to help you take the best care of them possible. One of the biggest issues that pet owners run into with elderly pets is loss of activity.

Tips To Help Care For Your Elderly Pet

There really is no way to make your pet get up if they simply are not able but a quick visit to your vet might give you the needed remedies. Glucosamine and similar joint supplements can help ease pain in the joints that is associated with age making staying active a bit easier for your loved pet. Also, feeding your pet the right food might help contribute to their desire and ability to get up and move.

As pets age they need less grains and carbohydrates that contribute to weight gain making it difficult to stay active. You should make sure your pet is getting enough protein to give energy that is sustainable and enough fat to help lubricate the joints and keep them comfortable. Though you might be tempted to feed your elderly pet an all wet food diet or a large number of treats, you need to continue feeding them dry food to promote healthy teeth and avoid too many treats as they can lead to weight gain.

A great way to keep your older pet active is to try small activities each day. Go for a short walk, play in the back yard with their favorite toy, or simply help them get up and move around. Try not to overdo it as moving too much or pushing them too hard can lead to joint pain and fatigue that will make other exercises difficult.

When your pet is nearing their end of life the real issue is to make sure they are healthy, comfortable, and not in any pain. If you suspect that there is something medically wrong with your elderly pet you should take them to the vet immediately to get the treatment that they need. Some common medical issues that come with old age are loss of vision, loss of hearing, joint pain, loss of organ function, and more.

You should make sure that you are still taking your pet to the vet, even if they are elderly, to make sure that they are not only getting a great quantity of life, but also a great quality of life. Your pet can live to be twice the normal age of their species but if they are in pain, it is not worth it. Your vet can suggest foods that are good for aging pets, exercises that will be low impact but that your pet can still benefit from, and even treats that are good for older pets.

When it comes to aging pets you want to make sure above all else that you pay attention to their health. If you see signs that they are in pain or that there is something wrong take them to the vet immediately to see if intervention is necessary. Elderly pets are wonderful and if you know how to care for them, they can have a much longer life!


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